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1C:Enterprise 8 - an integrated framework and software solutions for business management and accounting

About us

About 1C

Founded in 1991 1C Company specializes in development, distribution, publishing and support of mass-market software. The company is widely known in Russia and CIS as a developer of1C:Enterprise – an integrated platform and a series of enterprising software solutions for everyday enterprise activities: various business tasks of economic and management activity, such as resource planning, finance management, accounting, HR management, logistics, CRM, SCM, MRP, MRP, etc.

• There is a great number of business applications developed on 1C:Enterprise platform. More than 500 solutions for vertical markets have been developed by 1C partners worldwide: for armed forces, transportation, public health, educational institutions, agriculture, public catering, insurance, non-profit organizations, manufacturing, tourism, service industry and many others .

• 1 500 000 companies already use 1C business software solutions.

• 1C:Franchising network is the widest partnership network in CIS.

LEARN services

Welcome to the knowledge base !


Become a professional 1C:Enterprise applications developer

1C:Professional online course

Course will allow you to lay a solid foundation for the future expertise

  • It’s an online course available here
  • It takes approximately 5 full working days (40 hours) of studying
  • The course contains 200 pages of text, 2.5 hours of video and 200 diagrams and screenshots
  • The course is divided into 5 lessons
  • You can pass self-tests as many times as you need

Hello, 1C

HELLO, 1C rapid application development tutorial demonstrates the most basic features of the cutting-edge 1C:Enterprise 8 platform

  • Download "Hello, 1C" and 1C:Enterprise 8 platform (training version)
  • This application is similar in its purpose to "Hello, World", that is the exercise, which you may have done when learning other programming languages
  • The aim of this guide is to give a brief overview on how to work with the general objects and tools of 1C:Enterprise 8 Platform

1C Documentation

This Documentation provides a general description of user work with 1C:Enterprise: entering and viewing data, obtaining reports, customizing the interface, and so on

  • 1C:Enterprise Developer Guide (DOWNLOAD)
  • 1C:Enterprise User Manual (DOWNLOAD)
  • 1C:Enterprise User Manual. Taxi Interface (DOWNLOAD)
  • 1C:Enterprise Software License Acquisition Guide (DOWNLOAD)

Work process

Step by step

Take your first steps !

Step 1. Financial accounting software

1C:Accounting 8 is our most popular accounting software package and streamlines financial accounting, auditing and tax calculation.

Step 2. business software solution

1C:Sales Management helps to streamline accounting, improve performance, and enable analysis and planning to ensure sales success in the future.

Step 3. Efficient HR Management and Payroll Calculation

1C:Enterprise 8 Payroll and HR Management software package has been developed to enable the automation of all personnel and human resource functions.

Step 4. software solution for manufacturing

1C:Enterprise 8 Manufacturing Enterprise Management is a seamless fully-integrated ERP-solution that creates a universal information space for enterprise management.

How we work

Business Process Automation

One of our main activities is automation of business processes. We recognize that the business needs of our customers differ radically, depending on the industrial sector to which they belong. We therefore aim to provide solutions that correspond fully with the needs and functions of each industry and individual business.

Support and Maintenance for 1C software

Ibeks 24 offers a full range of IT support and maintenance services designed to ensure your IT system remains up-to-date with the technological developments.

Warehouse Management

Effective warehouse management, which means more accurate and fast order procession, has a greater influence on the business success of any company.

Integration of 1C with accounting systems

There are two main strategies:
- To localize the existing system ;
- To integrate the company’s system with alternative software .

Consulation Services

We provide our customers with a comprehensive IT consultancy service aimed at enabling them to get the best out of their IT systems and improve system automation and integration.

Priority business segments

We are the

We launched the Ibeks 24 to help our Clients create business solutions on the 1C:Enterprise Platform. All you need is the desire to succeed.

About 7500 teams constitute the 1C:Franchising partner network,which is a main channel of value-adding for 1C products. Service-partners provide regular information and technological support for 1C software customers.

1C partners worldwide

The IBEKS is official Partner of “1C” in Baltic States

The Ibeks company has the status 1C:Franchisee and 1C:Distributor (1995-2014)
Custom software development. Solution introduction and support.
Technical support of IT systems.

Company introduction

The IBEKS OÜ is official Partner of “1C” in Baltic States. The company specializes in providing services for accounting and management-based software system “1C: Enterprise”.

computer exhibition

The company IT activities has started in 1992. . In 1995 was the first presentation of the software-oriented company in the computer exhibition in Estonia.

1C:Enterprise 6/7/8

During 25 years more than 1000 different distributions of software “1C” and own decision have been implemented by the company’ specialists.

R&D projects

Ibeks OÜ tightly works with Eliko OÜ (Competence Centre in Electronics-, Info- and Communication Technologies) that is very important condition for implementation of R&D projects.

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Bitrix24. Websites

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Since 1994 we have our official partners in Estonia



About 7500 teams constitute the 1C:Franchising partner network

1 500 000


1 500 000 companies already use 1C business software solutions

1 000


More than 1 000 companies use 1C business software solutions in Estonia

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1 500 000 companies use 1C business software solutions

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